Site Promotion

Site promotion should be one of your highest priorities. After all, what is the point of having a killer site with no visitors? Whether your site is business-related or purely personal, site promotion is still the key to success.There are multiple ways to promote your site. Below are just a few great options – with a little effort, you can make this work for all of your sites:Pay-Per-Click advertising: This is an area of advertising that can give you a great return on investment, or take all of your money. When it comes to site promotion, the best pay-per-click advertiser is Google Adwords. You simply sign up, write short, 3-line ads, and then decide how much you want to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.Link exchanges are another great tool in any site’s promotion campaign. You find sites that are related to your site’s topic, and then write the site owner a personal email asking them to link to you. Make sure that your site would actually compliment theirs – no webmaster really wants to link to a site that has nothing to do with their content! Moreover, make sure that you link back to them if they honor your request – going back on your word is the fastest way to make sure no one links to you.One final method to mention is article marketing. That’s when you write articles on a subject with your site’s link at the bottom, and submit them to article directory sites. This is a great method to use when it comes to site promotion because readers that like what you have to say will generally click through to your website to find more information on the subject they just read. It’s crucial to write and submit articles that are related to your site’s actual content. To make article marketing work for you, your article’s content should not only relate to your site’s content, but it should be content designed to teach the reader something. Submitting content that is stolen or generated by computer software isn’t the best way to grow an audience that will respect what you have to say.The most important lesson to learn in site promotion is simply to let your site grow overtime. There is no quick remedy to better site traffic – just a little time, a lot of effort, and plenty of passion!

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